10 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

This is your health and wellness coach Dee talking. I know, I know…you’ve been on a diet for weeks and weeks and getting frustrated because you’re probably just not seeing the results you want and you ask yourself WHY??!!!

The scales read the same, the measurements are equal to what they were six weeks ago and your clothes feel just as drabby as usual.  Why!!!! Whhhyyyyyyyyyyyy??

Yep, been there! Done that! But before you throw in the towel, you’d better know the reasons why nothing is changing for you. Here are the top ten.

1   You Don’t Have a Positive Routine   You need to create positive habits every day.  One action sets up another for you to follow.  Follow the routine enough times and you’re on auto pilot before you know it.

2   You’re a 9-5 Dieter   Once the weekend comes around you have every excuse to ditch the diet! A party, taking the kids out, family get togethers.  You’re just not being consistent enough to get the results you’re hoping for.

3   You’re Not Tracking   You’ve worked your calories out for the week but you’ve failed to track that extra protein bar, accidentally forgot to account for that chocolate bar (yes I know that one well!), or simply under calculating calories.  Keeping track of everything that goes passed those lips will keep you on track.

4   Lack of Protein   You’re just not getting enough protein for your body weight.  This is where having a coach could really help.

5   Alcohol   Having a cheeky glass or three of wine at the weekend or at the end of a hard day could result in exceeding your calorie intake.

6   You’re Goals Aren’t Yours   This is a tough one as social media influences us to a great extent.  You’re allowing people on social media to warp your mind which will eventually demotivate you. Don’t follow someone else.  Your goals should be yours and yours alone.  Set that goal and break it down into smaller micro goals.

7   Food Intolerances   These will cause inflammation, low mood, low energy levels, retain water and other health concerns.  Get yourself checked out if you feel you may have an intolerance.

8   You Lack Vital Nutrients   If you lack vital vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids your body will send out warning signs.  Your exercise intensity reduces and post workout muscle soreness increases.

9   You Overly Rely on Sports Supplements   Your thinking that fat burners, protein powders and other sports supplements will do the hard work for you is totally wrong.

10   Lack of Sleep   If you’re not getting enough R&R you simply won’t function properly.  You’ll be too tired to exercise and prep food, your mood will be low and cravings will increase. Set a bedtime routine and stick to it.

There are many more reasons that I can add to this list but the trick is to take note of everything. Make notable observations, if you don’t it may well be an indicator that weight loss is just not something that you want badly enough at this stage in your life.

If you feel this is something you need help with, my advice is to get a coach. I am offering a 12 week program to help you reach your body goals. Click the button for more information.

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