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Since starting our blog series on essential oils we have been asked ‘What has essential oils got to do with life coaching?’ and ‘How can essential oils improve my quality of life?’

We have already spoken about the benefits of using essential oils for healing, massage and cooking. Today we will talk about the connection between essential oils and Life Coaching. If you think about what life coaching is and how it helps people achieve their goals, the two have a lot in common.

There are many ways to create essential oils, but like all things if you want quality you have to go for the best. The process which gives the highest quality essential oils is known as cold pressing. Looking at this process and life coaching in parallel will blow your mind.

The cold pressing method involves;

  • reducing and minimising the heat throughout the batching of raw materials, the process does not need external heat
  • uses internally generated high temperatures to carry out the process
  • the tiny pouches containing the essential oils within the fruit peel, plants or seeds are pierced through the rolling process
  • the whole fruit is squeezed to extract more of the essential oils from the pulp
  • the essential oils rising to the surface of the fruit/plant/seed juice
  • the oil being separated by centrifuging
  • the finished product being highly concentrated and much more potent than the original raw material.

Essential oils are not really oils. They contain no fatty acids. In fact essential oils are the essence of the raw materials. In the case of Life Coaching, the real you is the essence of who you are. A life coach will take you through a similar process to that of cold pressing essential oils. Your life coach will enable you to extract your essence, helping you concentrate and focus on your goals. In doing so, your potential in all areas of life, will be increased.

A life coach will help you;

  • reduce and minimise the pressures in your everyday life by chunking the problems into bite size pieces.
  • use your internal fire, your passion, your ‘why’ to move you through to the completion of your tasks and achieve your goals.
  • rediscover hidden potential, attributes and talents
  • move you out of your comfort zone and on to a positive path
  • recognise and celebrate the milestones along your success journey
  • make sense of the highs and the lows of your success journey
  • get from where you are to where you want to be, while becoming the person you want to be.

So, now you know how essential oils are made and how they relate to your life coaching experience, we hope you will be using them both a lot more. They will help you relax, de-stress, detox, heal, invigorate and bring clarity to your life.

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