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Have you ever noticed how a baby knows when its mother or father is in the room?

They can’t talk but they really know how to communicate. Even before birth, a child knows its mother. The connection they have throughout the nine months of gestation is more than just scientific development. At birth a baby is placed in the mother’s arms to confirm the relationship. The skin to skin contact is essential to the baby’s development, both emotional and physical.

Studies have shown that babies who have regular skin to skin contact develop quicker than those who rarely have physical contact. Records also show that stress hormones are much higher in children who have very little affection compared to those who are hugged and cuddled regularly. In fact many premature baby units and coma wards encourage family members to make physical contact with their loved ones. They do this by stroking the skin or holding their hand. This action stimulates the senses and increases their chance of survival.

Skin to skin contact is very calming to a baby. It helps them regulate their heart rate and breathing. As they start calming down they will also cry less. Placing your baby on your chest also allows them to hear your heart beat. This familiar sound brings back the memory of being in the safety and comfort of the womb.

Massaging your baby is great for strengthening the bond between parent and child. Massaging your baby can have many benefits such as, stimulation, assisting digestion and aiding sleep. Using gentle moves and strokes, with a suitable massage oil, you can make this experience a relaxing time for you and baby. The table below shows the essential oils that are safe to use on newborns and infants.

Essential Oil

Dilution (drops)

Carrier Oil (2tbsp)Use
Bergamot         1 – 2       Almond, OliveMood elevator
Cedarwood           1       Grapeseed, OliveImmunity booster
Chamomile         1 – 2       Almond, GrapeseedSedative
Frankincense           1       Grapeseed, OliveReduce fatigue
Geranium           1       Almond, OliveBoosts circulation
Ginger           1       Coconut, OliveGood for nausea
Lavender         1 – 2       Cell_ContentRelaxation
Rosemary           1       Almond, OliveSoothes stress & fevers
Sandalwood           1       Almond, JojobaCalms the mind
Thyme           1       Almond, OliveEnhances immunity
Ylang Ylang           1       Almond, GrapeseedCell_Content

Set time aside for baby and you. Connecting with your child and massaging them regularly will increase the bond between you. These essential oil combinations will deepen the experience.

Night, night baby: Combine lavender, chamomile and carrier oil. These oils promote a peaceful aroma that will have your baby relaxed and sleepy just in time for bed.  Gently massage the oils into your baby’s arm, stomach area, feet, legs and back.

Lavender: This is all you need for a peaceful night’s sleep. Put a drop of oil onto the mattress, pillow or a diffuser. Let the aroma of the oil drift around the room setting a calming tone just right for bedtime.

Rock-a-bye baby: Combine lavender, geranium and Ylang Ylang in almond oil. This blend of oils has a calming and stress free effect when gently massaged over baby’s chest and back.

Like all things, this practice will take time to get used to but the rewards of getting into a routine are well worth it. You can find all the oils mentioned in this blog on our website or make your selection using the button below.

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