What colour is your mood?

Have you thought about the mood you’re in? No matter what we are doing our mood plays a huge part in our reactions and decision making. So, what is a mood? The general dictionary definition is ‘a temporary state of mind or feeling’ So if it is temporary and a state of mind we can change it when we want to…right?

A mood differs from an emotion because it is a general feeling and less intense than an emotion and unlike an emotion it is not triggered by a specific event or stimulus. For example, you receive an unexpected gift from a loved one. This will most likely lift your spirits, perk you up and make you happier or even excited. That is an example of a change in emotion. So let’s look at mood; you are having a great week, you have nothing to complain about and yet, an invisible cloud prevents you from celebrating. That is you experiencing a low mood. Or how about this; you have every logical reason to upset, given your current circumstances. Yet, for some unknown reason you can’t help but smile and feel warm on the inside. That is you experiencing a good mood.

So, how do we measure mood? Mood is often displayed in your body language and revealed in speech. It also changes your outward energy, which is affected by quality of sleep, lifestyle choices and diet. These factors are evident in our body temperature. We can harness the change of body temperature in crystals. As the temperature changes, the nature of the crystals change, which in turn changes the colour of the crystals. This brings science and mind together. We see this in the simple working of a child’s mood ring. If we’re happy (a positive mood) the ring is a different colour than when we are sad (a negative mood). You can try this for yourself.  When you are feeling good what colour do you think of? When you are feeling low, what colour would you use to represent that?

At the beginning of this discussion ‘mood’ was defined as a temporary state of mind. Now we know that state of mind can be affected by a shift in energy, what will you do to make sure you are in the right mood for decision making or interacting with others in a positive and nurturing way?

I have a challenge for you. Be like a child for the next 10 days. Wear a mood ring. Click on the link below and I will send you a FREE mood ring of your own. All you need to do is take care of the P&P (S+H).

Monitor and adjust your mood over the next ten days and watch the world around you open up. Making a few small changes may make a world of difference.




  1 comment for “What colour is your mood?

  1. candy b
    February 10, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    Really interesting point you make. I’m in. I can be a child for a week. Mood today blue – which on my chart is calm.

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