I Love You

I love you …three little words that when uttered warm the deepest part of the soul. When directed at you from one whom you share this emotion, these words can make the world around you disappear, leaving you and your partner in total bliss. But, how does it feel when you are hoping for someone to say these words and they never come? Then again, how long has it been since you told yourself ‘I love you’?

You see, all too often we look for an outside source to fill us emotionally. The attention, the compliments and personal time we receive from others makes us feel good. Yet, if that same person, for whatever reason, cannot give us these things any more we feel hurt and less important.

It’s like looking at a bare cupboard. There is nothing on the shelves. You know you’d feel so much better if those shelves were filled with all the things you like. So, you go to the local supermarket and stare at the well stocked shelves, picturing where each item would sit on the shelves in your own cupboard. Feeling better you return home. You open the cupboard and your emotions change again. Realising that even though you felt good in the supermarket, your shelves are still empty. How does this relate to you and love? You are the cupboard the supermarket is the outside source you turn to to make yourself feel better. You see, if you have nothing to give, your shelves are empty. If you have to go to an outside source for an emotional fix, you will experience continual emptiness.

Love comes from within. We need to be love in order to give love. We need to show love in order to have love everywhere we go. There is a quote I’m sure you know well, ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself‘. That means we should love others as much as we love ourselves. If we do not love ourselves we cannot truly love others. If we love others more than we love ourselves we will be depleted of love quickly and have no more to give. If we love ourselves and refuse to love others we stop the flow of love.

Take the time to invest in yourself. Take care of your emotions and truly love who you are. By doing so you will have something to give. You will be able to share what you have, infinitely multiplying the effect.

If you have love, you don’t have to wait to be loved. You won’t have to wait for love to show up because it is already with you and in you. I challenge you to love YOU more each day.

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