Heart Broken

There is an old philosophical question that asks ‘If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’  It is a wonderfully profound question. I’d like to ask an equally insightful question ‘If a heart breaks will you be aware of it?’

Sometimes our actions and words or lack thereof can have more of an impact than we realise. Harmful or cruel words can crush the soul. Silence and indifference can feel like an injection of poison straight into a once joyful beating heart.

The human instinct is to have a fight or flight response and often it manifests itself as lashing out at people or withdrawing completely in order to protect themselves from being the one who gets hurt. They prefer to be the inflictors of pain rather than the receivers. Do they understand the damage they cause? Probably not. Their priority is themselves. Yes, it sounds selfish and perhaps it is, but they are not doing these things because they don’t like or want you. They are doing these things for themselves. They are doing these things for their own reasons.

Don’t let their pain become your poison. If possible be there for them, help them and give them time to think. Above all give them space to make the right decision. Their decision. After all, if they are genuinely happy with who they are, you will enjoy them a lot more when they are around you.

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