‘I am so happy and grateful that I am able to forgive those who have hurt me in any way’

Does this sound strange to you? Well, gratitude and forgiveness are the two key ingredients for a healthy mind, body and soul. What are you grateful for? Are you able to forgive?

It is a medical fact that stress causes biological breakdown and at its worst can even kill. Where does this stress come from? Despite what you may think, it does not come from others. It does not come from our circumstances. It comes from the thoughts we hold on to. Overloading yourself with negative thoughts that you have no intention of addressing is like filling your own blood vessels with poison.

Please understand, I am not saying that thinking positive thoughts alone will solve your issues. What I am saying is that by addressing your negative thoughts you will reduce your stress. Your positive thoughts will soon outweigh your negative thoughts.

So what negative thoughts are you holding on to? Some of the most common thoughts at this time of year, during the month of love are;

  • I’ll never be happy, no one loves me
  • I’m not good enough; if I was they would never have left
  • I can’t love again; I’ve been hurt too many times

These negative thoughts are brought about by reliving past experiences that have now become a gaping hole in a persons life. Notice how these thoughts look to the future but dwell in the past. These thoughts pull the negative past into the present and catapult them into the future. So, your thoughts may make you feel that there is a void in your life that can’t be filled. True, we can learn a lot from history but it is choice that creates the future. Make the decision to fill that void. You can choose to forgive those who have hurt you.

You can choose to fill that void. Fill it with gratitude. Fill it with thanks for what you do have. You could embrace a new belief such as;

‘I am so grateful that I am free to give my love and attention to those who love and accept me for who I am’

Forgiveness is not about letting the other person get away with it. Forgiveness is about giving back to yourself. Start forgiving. You will soon feel lighter, less stressed and in a great place to receive love.

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