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Volunteers Wanted!

ATTENTION! OVP Coaching is looking for volunteers. That’s right, we are looking for volunteers to participate in a social study and contribute to a report that will become part of our upcoming book in the series ‘You and Your Child the Path to…’  This new book is all about improving family relationships, responsibilities and aspirations. If qualified, you and your family…

It’s Not Too Late!

By now, your child has probably tucked themselves away in a room and is studying hard for their exams. Some may call this study overload but, if done in the correct way, this can bring amazing results. Although there may only be a few weeks left till the final exam, there is still plenty of time to review the game plan. It’s not too late…

7 Signs of Stress

Yes, you guessed it. It’s that time again. Students of all ages are getting ready for more tests and exams. You may be finding it hard to cope with your own stressful daily activities without having the stresses of your child piling up on top of yours. So, how can you decrease stress without adding to your day?

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