The Relationship between Time & Money

Since the dawn of the industrial age people have put a monetary value on their time. Time is a commodity that we have been given for free and yet trade away so cheaply. Don’t agree with me? Then let’s look at this a little more closely.

As an employee we get paid to do a job, exchanging time for money. We are paid an hourly wage. If, for whatever reason, we need extra money as an employee we look for extra hours, an additional shift to exchange more time for money.

When surveyed the majority of employees value their family and intimate relationships above their job and admit that they would like to earn a higher wage. Yet, instead of seeking an alternative to the time-money exchange, they will happily spend less time with their loved ones to make a little more money. Whilst doing this, they are just ahead or perhaps even with their bills, their relationships are strained to near breaking point, their energy low and stress levels high. All this extra effort and more hours was supposed to bring the family closer together. Instead this method more often than not leads to relationship meltdown. Sound familiar?

The money is not the goal. The goal is what the money will bring that keeps you going but at what cost? Is it worth loosing those you love? or would you rather improve their lives whilst increasing your income?

Extra doesn’t have to mean more of the same thing. In fact ‘extra’ means in addition to, further or beyond. It means you need to start thinking outside the norm. So, instead of spending more time at work away from the people you are trying to spend more time with, why not use your talents to earn extra money at home or as a family. How? why not start a weekend business of your own.

One family we know of loved to spend their time together on garden projects. They designed and built their garden from scratch complete with water features, decking and barbeque station. When times got tough and they needed extra cash, they decided to use their skills and help other families. They started a weekend landscaping company. They got to keep their family time, make extra cash and improve their personal skills.

Mary became a single mom, not by choice. When faced with having to take care of the household bills and child care fees she knew if she put in even more hours at work she would miss out on watching her children grow up. She took a bold step and bought a home based business. Now she is able to spend even more time with her kids and less money on child care. Better still her residual income pays for their vacations. Her children are healthy and she has slimmed down to her ideal weight.

Is it easy to be successful in business? You will have to put in the effort but it is certainly possible to be successful in business. If you are able to see your time as a precious commodity you will have no problems putting in the work that is needed whilst maintaining the level of happiness and peace you desire. After all isn’t that the end goal?

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