What is fear? Some would describe it as an unpleasant emotion or thought. It is an emotion based on potential threat for the purpose of survival. There is an acronym for fear which is Forget Everything And Run, part if the primitive fight or flight response.

Fear serves our emotional safety as well as our physical safety. For example people fear losing their loved ones, income, health etc. Whilst these are things that should concern us fear is perhaps not the word we should use. In these situations the threat is not potential it is perceived. It is , False Evidence Appearing Real. This perception or illusion if you will, can stop us in our tracks, hinder progress and even plunge us into the depths depression.

Take Tamara for example. She was given three months redundancy notice at her work place. Instead of considering all her options and making plans for a brighter future she immediately turned to FEAR. She worried about her social status, how soon she would run out of money, lose her home and have to take hand outs from the government. The amount of anxiety she brought upon herself caused her health to deteriorate costing her even more money. This in turn, led to medical treatment for her depression and she was unable to work out her notice. She indeed lost the house and had to move in with her parents causing her to feel like an absolute failure. Her negative thinking brought about a series of events to match her perceived reality.

Through our six week coaching program, Tamara was able to look at things in a new light and get herself back on her feet and owning her own business. She was able to see FEAR for what it is, False Evidence Appearing Real and work through her barriers. Now, her action steps and positive thinking allow her to weed out the false and stick to the truths in her everyday situations.

Thoughts really do become things and there is a process to get from the idea to the object. There is a process to get from the ethereal to the real. Everything in existence started with a thought. From the big bang theory to the device you are using to read this blog. Some thought bring about positive change and others negative outcomes. It is time to take charge of our thoughts.

We might not be able to choose the situations we find ourselves in but we can choose our thoughts and reactions to each situation increasing the chances of the outcomes working in our favor.

Find out more about how our coaching programs can help you. Enroll today and get rid of the False Evidences Appearing Real in your life.


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