Are You on the Rebound?

The summer vacation is well under way and for the most part has been awesome. Summer is the time when children and adults alike are the most active. So, the question is, what are you doing to replenish the nutrients lost during exercise, sunbathing and perspiring?

First of all let’s remind ourselves that our bodies require no less than 90 essential nutrients every day of our lives. These 90 essential vitamins and minerals are needed for the body to work at optimum levels. The fastest way our bodies loses nutrients is through perspiration. For every one nutrient we are deficient in it opens us up to no less than ten nutrient deficient diseases.

The body takes these nutrients and turns them into energy as we respire. This is why we need to eat every day. The body needs to be nourished continually as we burn energy even in our sleep. However, if we are not putting the right nutrients in our body it is the equivalent of filling a car with low grade fuel. You will soon see a dip in performance. We need to replace these nutrients with high quality nutrients that will give us long lasting energy.

There has been a lot of government input into the education of younger children and the negative effects of high sugar foods and drink. More and more children are now happy to sip water throughout the day and have the occasional fizzy drink. Yet, advertising for adults has become more and more deceiving, using humour and false information to sell their products. Certain drinks give you a winged lift whilst others deliver processed chemicals and call it natures gift.

Most people when feeling tired will grab a familiar caffeine energy drink to keep them going. They do this blindly ingesting the harmful ingredients or lack of any ingredients at all in the product. Have you ever looked at the ingredients and what they do?

The majority of these drinks will give you a fleeting sugar or caffeine rush. As we know, regular high spikes in blood sugar levels are not a good thing. It becomes harder for the body to regulate the blood sugar needed for healthy function. This leads to the body being unable to control the amount of insulin needed for the body to function normally. In other words the body is at a higher risk of developing diabetes.

Rebound FX is an energy drink like none other. It is an all natural energy drink that contains less carbohydrates, has no additional caffeine and contains the natural healthy sugar stevia. Unlike other common energy drinks Rebound FX contains over a dozen essential natural compounds needed for rapid replacement of lost nutrients aiding long lasting recovery. If the idea of an energy drink is to replace lost energy then Rebound FX is a perfect energy replacement drink.

Rebound FX is used to replenish the nutrients lost through perspiration. Rebound FX is used by many athletes and sports personalities such as the NBA All Star Theo Ratliff. Theo has his own personal story to tell. He had had several major injuries and suffered with his health whilst playing basketball. His body was breaking down from the loss of key nutrients. Having suffered a major injury whilst playing for the Hawkes, Theo was introduced to Dr. Wallach by Atlanta commentator Mike Glenn. Dr Wallach devised a nutrient enriched energy drink based on Theo’s condition, that replenishes the body with the nutrients lost through perspiration. The first five years of Theo’s career was plagued with injury. After partnering with Dr. Wallach and getting the 90 essential nutrients in the Rebound sports energy drink, he was able to play another 10 years injury free. Theo had this to say at a press conference given when he joined the LA Lakers:

‘Learning about vitamin and mineral deficiencies and how my body was breaking down and being able to work with Dr. Wallach on that, has gotten me to this point. That’s been the key to my success in making a comeback. People don’t see a 37 year old guy that went through five major injuries. They see a guy with a pop in his step and the same tenacity I had when I was younger’

Rebound FX is so confident that you too will see positive results when making this part of your daily routine that it has compared itself to the leading commercial brands. To see this comparison for yourself click the button below or visit the website

Get smart about what you allow into your system. There is a way to replace lost nutrients and get a truly natural energy boost. Get your Rebound FX today.


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